Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OPI - The Texas Collection

Guess who brought me those dollies you see above?! My cutie-pie daddy! He had to go to New York on business, and found those... dare I say on the finger nails of his co-workers? Haha, no, I doubt it!
But, no matter where you found them (I've heard it was quite a search, he supposedly dragged his companions through half of the city, searching for the perfect shade :) then thank you so much, the polishes are adorable (and so are you!). *hugs*

Then on to the collection itself... which did really surprise me. It has such a broad collection of colours, from very pale colours to screaming brightness - it really has something for everyone. Not to forget the jellies! They are being marketed as "sorbets" now... which name do you prefer? If you are unfamiliar with jellies, then it is a nail polish finish which looks really squishy... kind of like looking at a good old-fashioned jelly :) This is not a finish you see every day, and us nail polish addicts were hoppingly happy when OPI released some with this collection!

L-R: Houston We Have a Purple, Y'All Come Back Ya Hear? and Do You Think I'm Tex-y? Those are all jellies, and they are much brighter and prettier in real life than my blurry picture shows!

 L-R: Don't Mess With OPI and Austin-tatious Turquoise. I actually bought those myself (though papa did buy two other ones, not from the Texas collection, which I will show you later). I saw them at a pharmacy and couldn't help myself.

I haven't gotten around wearing all of those yet, so you're only getting paper-swatches for now - but I promise that I will review each shade individually in the next two weeks or so!

And lastly, sorry about the low-quality lighting in those pictures. I didn't have my usual lighting available, but I've fixed it now :)

Back to my books, I have a huge final coming my way (six down, only five to go, yay! Summer is only two weeks away now!)

Miss Diorista


  1. That is so sweet of your dad! I wonder how he felt purchasing all those polishes at the register =P. I'm obsessed with the jelly finish lately--- and really want more OPI texas. I've been trying to resist the temptation, but it's getting hard!

  2. @Dovey - Haha, I do admit that this thought has crossed my mind :) However, I'm more concerned about the colleagues that went with him on the search... and the poor girl who assisted them at the shop... haha! I can just picture them so clearly, wondering from shop to shop, looking for this and that nail polish... It's so sweet :) And yes, I can absolutely relate to the jelly addiction... I'm suffering from that too!

    @H Rija - Thank you!


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