Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Powder Foundation Routine

Back in February, I posted about my foundation routine. I planned on showing you my powder foundation routine soon, but... "soon" has a different meaning here on Miss Diorista than in the rest of the world, so you're getting my powder foundation routine now :)

I really like powder foundation, since it's quick and simple. Also, I'm young and I don't always need the heavier coverage that a liquid foundation gives me, but I still want something. So give it powder foundation a try if you haven't already!

  1. First, I conceal my under-eye circles and any dark spots that have to be concealed. I really like the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, since I can use it both under my eyes and on my skin, because it doesn't have a pink undertone to it.
  2. I set the concealer with a setting powder, very often my Dior Diorskin Powder. Sometimes, I also sweep a bit of this over my forehead, nose and chin to control any shine, before I put on the actual foundation.
  3. Time for the foundation! I really like Hello Flawless! by Benefit, but I also have one by Dior which I really like. For both of these, I use a sponge (you can get them at the drugstore) for sweeping and patting them on. I also bring the powder down to my neck.
  4. If I'm looking too powdery, I really like to buff the foundation in with a Sigma F80, which is a flat top kabuki. It makes everything look more natural and blended.

That's it! Finally, a nice tip to remember when wearing powder foundation, is that it never hurts to use an illuminator with it. You can either apply a luminizing primer underneath, or sweep on luminizing powder afterwards. Either way, you will look more glowy, younger and always fresh.

Miss Diorista

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