Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Gratitude - The eruption and the killing of dolphins

  • Thank you to the people who are helping the victims of the eruption in Grímsvötn, which started yesterday. Nobody is in direct danger right now (that I know of), but there is a lot of ash coming down, which is a farmer's nightmare, since the animals can get sick and the grass becomes poisoned. This is the second time in a year, that the same people have had to deal with an eruption.
  • Thank you for the brighter, warmer weather we've been having (before the eruption). I know I mention this in every gratitude post, but I just love the brighter weather.
  • Thank you for my mother's banana bread. It's delish!
  • Thank you for summer break!
  • Thank you to the computer specialist, who is coming tomorrow to fix my internet. It will be such a relief.
  • Thank you for being amazing readers and sticking with me through finals!
  • Thank you to the filmmakers who made the film about the killing of dolphins in Japan. What a horrible thing to watch, but it is so important for those things to come out, so that they can be stopped.
Miss Diorista


  1. I had no idea--- are there volcanoes in Iceland? That seems quite scary. And I agree with your comment about sad documentaries. I saw a documentary on shark overfishing (I know sharks aren't cute and cuddly like dolphins, but they're animals too) and it was really sad to watch, but important to know!

  2. @Dovey - Yes, there are volcanoes in Iceland, and yes it can be scary. More than that, actually, since it is very harmful for everybody involved. The ash is coming down in a very limited area, so those in other areas of the country are fine, but our hearts really go out to the people who are struggling. What they must be going through, I can't even imagine.
    And yes, documentaries can be sad but they are necessary. Agree with you on the sharks, one wouldn't exactly want to give them a hug, but they are living animals who have their rights.


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