Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OPI - The Katy Perry Collection

I'm so late posting this! You've probably seen this collection months ago, but I like my minis, so I'm putting this post up anyway :)
I bought this set of mini polishes in March, when I was in Berlin, and it has all four shades of the Katy Perry collection, except for Black Shatter:

The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night and Not Like the Movies

  • Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night are glitter polishes, the latter is blue, the other one is pink. Last Friday Night is the thickest polish I've ever worked with, it felt like applying pudding to my nails!
  • The One That Got Away is a dark pink with shimmer/glitter.
  • Not Like the Movies is a... strange colour! It's a metallic grey/dark silver, with green and purple shimmer. Pretty, but not really "me".

Teenage Dream is my favourite from the four, it is super sparkly and pretty, especially over another polish for some "bling". Wish I had gotten the full size before they ran out!
Pretty much self-explanatory, but I have The One That Got Away on my thumb and my pinky, Last Friday Night on my index finger, Not Like The Movies on my middle finger and Teenage Dream on my ring finger.
Just in case any of you haven't seen a mini OPI nail polish bottle, I have a momma-polish and a baby-polish of The One That Got Away. The "momma" is 15 ml, the "baby" is 3.75 ml. They're so cute!

Same order of polish, but with OPI Black Shatter on top. Teenage Dream with Black Shatter is so pretty, with all the glitter peaking through!

Over to you: What did you think of the collection, did you buy any of the shades? And what about mini bottles, do you like them?

Miss Diorista


  1. i wish that i had, it's grown on me and i want the shades!


  2. @socialitedreams - I get where you're coming from, those are shades one has to get used to with time.

  3. I really like Teenage Dream - very Katy Perry!!!


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