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Blogger Love - Hebridean Sprite Beauty

A few days ago, my blogging-friend Krista, who owns and writes the blog Hebridean Sprite Beauty, contacted me with an idea that she had. A great idea, actually! She is starting a series of posts on her blog, that she calls "Blogger Love". In each of these posts, she features a blogger she loves, and interviews them. In this way, she introduces new blogs to her readers, which are worth taking a look at, in her opinion.

I loved the idea, and answered her questions (read my interview on her blog here). Actually, I loved the idea so much, that I asked her to answer her questions as well! I don't know whether I will be doing many posts like this in the future, or not, but I really wanted you to get to know Krista's blog, if you aren't familiar with it already. She only features brands which don't test on animals, which I think is amazing, and you can definitely trust her opinion. Read the interview to get to know her, and check out her blog!

1)   Are you more of a Morning, Day, or Night time person?
Most certainly a Day person. I like to sleep in when possible in the mornings and I'm not a fan of staying up too late. I find I need more sleep than the average person to function my best.

2)   Something you struggle with on a day to day basis?
I have ADHD so staying focused on tasks is very difficult for me- my mind jumps around alot.

3)   Favourite Animal?
This is so hard! As a Zoology major I love so many, but if I had to choose lately it's been the Hyena- such a cool mammal really unique.

4)   Favourite Colour?
Dark Green. In particular the blue based dark green seen in some pine trees. To me dark green is the epitome of mystical forests and peaceful meadows.

5)   Preferred foundation coverage and finish ex. Heavy coverage, matte
I like full coverage and a semi-matte finish. My fair skin scars easily from my acne so full coverage covers that up nicely and semi-matte makes it so my face doesn't look too dry or cakey.

6)   How old are you?

7)  What do you do in everyday life? If you’re a student what is your major?
I'm a full time student. I'm working on my major in Zoology (Bachelor of Science). I've only got a year left.

8)   First makeup brand that really got you interested in cosmetics?
Urban Decay was my first brand that really sucked me into Make-up. Their cruelty-free products and their wonderful eyeshadows (non-glitter) as well as their wide variety of colours really drew me!

9)   Do you have any makeup or skin care items that are perfect for you? (HG items) If so which- include shade names.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is fantastic. I love the full coverage semi-matte finish it gives and Shell (the lightest shade, slight pink undertone) looks so perfect on my skin. Love! Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy is exceptional at keeping loose eyeshadow in place, lightweight and just awesome. Mac Vex eyeshadow looks good for any occasion and really brightens the eye area. China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat is the best, and quickest as well as shiny top coat I've tried which makes it a must when I'm doing my nails. Nail Tek II has been phenomenal for restoring my nails to their former pre-polish glory as well. Ecotools eyeshadow brushes get a huge rave from me as well.

10) What is your favourite food? Drink?
I love cheesecake! Really rich decadent cheesecake is the best! Drink tends to change but raspberry lemonade (the real stuff not just flavouring) is fantastic.

11)  Favourite Gem Stone?
Alexandrite. It changes colour depending on the light it's in which is just awesome! From my favourite colour dark blue based green to purple to rich red. *drool*

12) Do you have any pets in your life? If yes, what are their names (and can we have pictures?)
Yes! I have three pets, Peppermint my Bichon-frise (dog) who is fondly nicknamed Pepi, and my two gerbil brothers Merlin (the blonde one) and Rowan (a medium brown). I've been debating getting a reptile- most likely a gecko or snake but as I don't like crickets and don't want to feed mice this cuts my options quite a bit- not to mention my sister is terrified of snakes sadly. (Snakes are more scared of you than you are of them!)

Miss Diorista's note: Krista also sent me pictures of her other two pets, but my computer refuses to display them. I'm so sorry :(
13)  One place you’ve never been that you want to visit?
I'd love to visit the Nordic (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) countries, I think that would be really interesting!

14)   What inspired you to start your blog?
I was actually really ill due to trying to balance different medications and was recovering for a good month in bed. However, I really needed something to do and I wanted it to be a least semi-productive. I had been a blog reader and quite interested in cosmetics for about six months at that point (which sprung from trying to get my acne under control and doing internet searches). Previously I had written a couple fiction novels with a friend and wanted to keep up the writing habit as well as indulge in my newly cemented love of make-up. Thus my blog was formed :D

15)  What are some of the most useful things you’ve learned about since you started blogging?
That there is never a guaranteed answer! Everyone is so different in their skin types and their needs and wants out of a product that someone will always have the opposite view of you! However, I do think that blogging has made me realize just how many products out there that don't have quality ingredients for anyone- and thus why researching a product before buying is so important!

16)  Favourite Season?
Autumn- by far! I find winter too cold, spring not warm enough, and summer too hot. Autumn has such warm colours and always smells so amazingly fresh. I love the crispness of the fallen leaves and the longer sleeve fashions. Plus the re-appearance of jewel tones in make-up trends makes me giddy with excitement. I like the other seasons too of course for different reasons but to me Autumn wins.

17)  What do you use to take your blog photos? What type of computer?
Mostly I use my iphone, which is kind of sad really but I plan to start using my Pentax Digital SLR in the near future once we finally move and everything gets settled. I use and love my Mac Book Pro computer.

18)  What genre of movies/books do you like?
I love a romantic comedy. Especially if it has a great plot and has fantasy involved somehow. And is back in time. Wow that got complicated quick didn't it? lol (Romance, Comedy, Mystery, Fantasy, Historical, sometimes Sci-Fi)

19)  Other hobbies or events that you’re involved in?
I horse ride, do yoga, use to do fencing but stopped. I like to swim and read novels and fanfiction and browse beauty blogs. I like to take on projects that won't get done like writing my fiction novel's second draft. I adore photography especially of animals, plants and landscapes- I'm still trying to get taking photographs of inanimate objects well down. Sometimes I also enjoy doing embroidery. During the school semester I volunteer at one of my professor's labs as an assistant- I clean things.

20)  Most unique eyeshadow you own?
I'm going to have to say Mac Vex. I've never seen anything else like it and I adore the duochrome in it. However there is so many great shades in my eyeshadow stash.

21) Most unique lip product?
Definitely Morgana Cryptoria's Absinthe lipstick. Not only is the dark green metallic colour amazing the formula is really long lasting and light weight.

22) Favourite colour combinations?
Black and Red. Chocolate Brown and Medium Blue. Dark Green and Gold. Dark Green and Silver. Green and Purple (any hues). Pale Pink and dark Brown. There are so many wonderful colour combos out there I could just keep going!

23)  Favourite piece of jewelry? Why is it your favourite?
For my 18th birthday from my dad I got a strand of Tahitian (black) pearls. I love these so much, the colours of them are so unique and yet it's simple and classic still.

24)  Best drugstore product you’ve tried?
I've talked about it quite often already so I'm sure some people already know I'm going to say Wet n' Wild Color Icon Single in Brulee. Best matte drugstore eyeshadow ever! It's the perfect shade for me for canceling out any discolouration- but it also is great for blending or highlighting bolder shades too.

25) Random fact you’d like to share
For many years I was addicted to Oriental art and culture. I love the oriental style of architecture and prints- as is evidenced by all the bamboo featured in my bedroom design!

That's it! As I said, her blog is great, so please take a look at it!

Miss Diorista


  1. Thanks so much! :D I really appreciate all the nice things you've said! *hugs* Sorry about the other two pictures not showing up. That's so strange they're the same format and everything. huh.

  2. @Hebridean Sprite - You're welcome, and it's just the truth ;) Agree with the pics, it's strange. My computer might be acting up :(


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