Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Gratitude - Eurovision and a break from nail polish

  • Thank you to Time, for flying so fast through my finals - I only have one exam left!
  • Thank you to my mom, for baking me muffins the other day - they were so yummy!
  • Thank you for Eurovision! It has completely been picking up my mood during finals, it takes my mind of things to sit down for a few minutes to listen to a favourite song... do you follow Eurovision? If so, check out Iceland's song, as well as Denmark, Ireland and finally, yup, you guessed it. Germany! I love love love Germany's song this year. It is just so different and has some kind of a deep soul to it.
  • Thank you from my nails to me... for taking a week-long break from nail polish. They have no idea what agony I am going through for them! Staying away from polish when I have so many new ones that I am dying to try out, is harder than I ever thought it could be, haha! I'm addicted :) But my nails really are thanking me, they have become much healthier and I know that my polish will look a whole lot better on when the nails are healthy. Can't wait for Monday though, when I can paint my nails again!
  • Thank you to a friend of mine for always making me laugh!
  • Thank you for chocolate. I don't have to explain that one, do I?
  • Thank you God for having given me the opportunity to meet the people whom I love and care for.

Miss Diorista

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