Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Gratitude - Chocolate coated raisins and those who love us

  • Thank you for licorice, chocolate coated raisins and M&M's with Peanut Butter... those are lifesavers when you're studying for eleven finals.
  • Thank you for summer coming closer and closer, with the sun shining brighter than ever.
  • Thank you for my finals having finally started - I don't like waiting, I like to get things over with.
  • Thank you to my furry friend, for reminding us all how important sleep is (though she's maybe taking that a little too seriously...  ;)
  • Thank you for those who love us.
  • Thank you to you, for making me smile the other day. It brought me to a whole new level of understanding.
  • Thank you to God, for he always gives you what you need. Just remember that what you need, is not always the same as what you want. "All in good time", said a wise man one day.

Miss Diorista

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