Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Benefit - Big Beautiful Eyes

Big Beautiful Eyes is a palette by Benefit Cosmetics, which contains the following products:
  • Boi-ing concealer in nr.2
  • A very light pink, shimmery eyeshadow
  • A shimmery, light brown eyeshadow
  • A matte, dark brown eyeshadow
  • A concealer brush
  • A double-ended brush with one end for shadow, the other for liner
Below you can see the three shadows. I use the lightest shade all over my lid, the middle one in my crease, and the darkest one I use wet as a liner, or dry as an extra emphasis for my crease. That way, you can take this palette from day to night, by adjusting the amount of liner and crease drama, so to speak.
Note, though, that even if you use the darkest colour wet, it won't be very dramatic as a liner.

The shadows are all very smooth and almost feel buttery - I haven't experienced any fallout with the shimmery shades, but just a tiny bit (next to none) from the matte one. The colours in the picture are very true to life.

Swatches, L-R: On top is Boi-ing concealer in nr.2. On the bottom are the shadows, lightest, middle, darkest. As you can see, the lightest colour is very light, and the middle colour has a bit of a pink undertone to it, which I don't really like. It is subtle, though.

You can also see that the concealer is way too dark for me, which means that it is as good as useless for me. I do sometimes use it as a base under the shadows, but since it is not meant to be an e/s primer, it doesn't prevent creasing.

The brushes are better quality than I had expected, but they are still not great.
  • The shadow brush ("contour") is very strangely cut, it is completely flat on top. I use it for placing the lightest colour on the lid, as well as sweeping the middle colour in my crease.
  • The eyeliner brush ("liner") feels cheap to me, and it isn't completely straight, which it is supposed to be. It can be used, though.
  • The concealer brush ("concealer") feels way to stiff... but then again, I am not a fan of these traditional concealer brushes. I don't use this one, since it is also too stiff for placing shadow on the lid.

So to sum things up, then this is a nice little palette with good-quality eyeshadows and usable brushes, if you like natural looks, and definitely good for travelling. However, if you are fair (like me) or dark, you won't be able to use the concealer, which is a big downside, since you will pay for more than you will use.

And does it make my eyes look bigger? Well, I think so, yes :)

Product (65%) - 8/10 (love the shadows, but I can't use the concealer)
Value (10%) - 8/10
Would I repurchase? (15%) - 8/10
Packaging (10%) - 9/10 (very cute, feels sturdy and it is made from paper, which makes it lighter and better for travelling)

Overall - 8/10
Love, Miss Diorista

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