Friday, April 8, 2011

Victoria's Secret - Ooh la la

I can tell you right away, that I´m picky about perfumes. I can't just pick anything up, spray it on and wear it... I have to try it out first, and then I have to really love it if I'm going to be wearing it - I generally don't wear a perfume unless I have fallen head over heals.

So what am I looking for in a perfume? Of course, writing a review for a perfume doesn't really make sense because what I don't like, you might love, or vice versa. So what do I like perfume-wise? Well, I generally go for floral scents, and I like a bit of sweetness to them, but not too much - that just gives me a head ache. Which brings me to another point which rules out so many perfumes for me - I have asthma, and many perfumes have me coughing like crazy all day - which of course is no good.
However, although I like floral scents, I am always open to other scents too.

Whew! Now when that's done with, I can start telling you what I think of this particular perfume, Ooh la la by Victoria's Secret. The scent is floral and it has just that right amount of sweetness to it - doesn't lose its edge in a truckload of sugar, so to speak. I absolutely love the vanilla in it, but the floral notes (think mandarin orange and cherry blossom) keep the scent exciting, fresh and fun.

The weartime is a little below average, I would say. That means, if you are fanatic with your perfume, you probably will feel like spritzing on some more halfway through your day. I don't really do that, though.

And do I have to point out to you the adorable packaging?!? Didn't think so :) This bottle looks so cute on my vanity, and I love the old-fashioned pump (what do you call this?).

Bottomline: I like this. I don't feel like wearing this every day, but when I do, I really like it!

Product (65%) - 8/10
Value (10%) - 8/10
Would I repurchase? (15%) - 8.5/10
Packaging (10%) - 9/10

Overall - 8/10

Love, Miss Diorista

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review!

  2. I love your perfume description as well! Smells definitely are so personal, however it sounds like I'd like what you're describing. Vanilla and florals sound wonderful - although too floral can give me a headache! I actually was in VS yesterday and looked around for this briefly, however didn't see it =( (I'll look harder next time).

  3. @Dovey - Aww, thanks! I'm not really good at describing scents... but vanilla and floral are something I can handle alright :) However, I don't see this on VS's website, so maybe they're discontinuing it? Maybe that's why you didn't see it... I don't know though, it could also be that they're just temporarily out of stock... well, beats me!


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