Sunday, April 3, 2011

Haul from Berlin (part 5) - Victoria's Secret

Until recently, there was no Victoria's Secret in Iceland. Now, however, we can buy cosmetics (that is, makeup, body sprays, lotions, etc.) in the duty-free! I'm so thrilled... yet another excuse for travelling (as if we need excuses to travel, duh!). 

  • Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow in Gold School (left, a true gold) and Too Too Pink (right, a light, beige pink with peachy undertones). Those are loose eyeshadows, which "stick" to the applicator by help of magnetic powers, I believe. They are very pretty and I think they'll be nice to have when I'm in a "beauty rush" (aka, every morning!). However, I'm sceptical about their staying power... I'll update once I've tried them out! But I do love the names of those, Gold School is like old school, and Too Too sounds like "tutu", and tutu skirts are usually the exact light pink colour that this shade is! Genius!
  • Ooh la la - perfume. I love this perfume. It is sweet without being too sweet... and I love the old-fashioned bottle! I'll post a proper review soon! Actually, you are seeing a whole reveiw-galore ahead of you, girlies ;)
Stay tuned for part 6, which will be Benefit! Can't wait to share it :D

Love, Miss Diorista

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  1. Oh these are nice goodies..
    lets wait for another ... :D

    follow for giveaway:

  2. @Fakhra - Thanks, I'll maybe look into it :)


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