Friday, April 1, 2011

Haul from Berlin (part 3) - Artdeco, Manhattan, Maybelline

The third part, finally! I've been meaning to get this post up for you for days! Thanks to today being Friday, I can finally write this, so enjoy! This part is about Artdeco, Manhattan and Maybelline.

Manhattan (top row)
  • The two single e/s are Multi Effect Eyeshadow in Metal Green (left) and Earth (right). I especially love the green one!
  • The palette is Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow in Safari Effects. I haven't tried it yet, but form swatches I've done, it isn't too pigmented... sad, because the colours look so pretty.

  • The mascara in the silver and black tube is All in One Mascara, in Olive. It's a dark forest green colour with golden shimmer.
  • Just like last time I was in Germany, I built myself an Artdeco palette. Except this time, knowing how lovely those shadows are, I deicded to go for five shadows instead of just three :) (You can see my old palette here, as well as read about Artdeco's palette system) The shadows I got are, from top to bottom: 29, 22, 55, 49, 40. (My fave is nr. 40, it's an irresisteble forest green with golden shimmer! Yes, I was having a "green" craving when I bought those, obviously :) The blush is a lovely, shimmery strawberry colour (a lot brighter than it looks in the picture). It's nr. 30.
  • Finally, just one item left, and it is the Maybelline Volum' Express One by One Mascara. Mine is in Glam Black. I now have all three mascaras from the Volum' Express collection, so I'll hopefully post a comparison soon!
Whew, that's it! If you would like to see reviews, please let me know! And part 4 is coming soon, where I will be featuring OPI.

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