Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Gratitude - Spring, birthdays, and unforgettable persons...

  • Thank you for Easter break being here... although I'm already missing my busy schedule :) I like being busy!
  • Thank you to my furry friend, for never taking a break from being cute and sweet and wonderful!
  • Thank you to Dovey, for having such patience for me... I'm so late shipping your eyeshadows, sorry, but they're on their way and thank you for your patience!
  • Thank you for spring arriving - I can't wait to ride my bike again and go hiking!
  • Thank you for tomorrow being my birthday - I'm such a birthday girl, haha!
  • Thank you to my friends, for helping in making my last year so amazing :) It will be strange without you next autumn.
  • Thank you to God, for allowing me to meet people whom I will never forget. You meet so many people who don't affect you in any way, but then you meet one person, and your whole view of life changes. Thank you.
Miss Diorista

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