Sunday, September 26, 2010

Haul from Germany (part 6) - MAC, Artdeco

Whew, we're on to part six of this... humongous haul :) In this part, we are focusing on MAC, but we also have one product by Artdeco. Read on and enjoy this part of the haul!

The only thing I got from Artdeco is to the left, the palette. I build it myself, they have a really cool system. You buy the palette, and you can get all kinds of palettes. There is this one, there is a smaller one, a bigger one, and even one which can hold a lipstick, too! They also sell applicators and brushes to fit in your palette (not great quality, but nice to have when traveling, I guess). The blushes/eyeshadows use a magnetic system to cling onto your palette, so you can turn it upside down without anything coming off. Also, when you're done with one shade, you can simply replace it. You can totally arrange your palette to be just what you want it to be - for example, the palette above can for example hold six e/s and no blush, or 8 e/s, then no applicator. Or two blushes and two e/s... all up to you!
The palette I built myself is though as a travel palette. All the colours are shimmery (though I might go and buy one non-shimmery highlight colour...). I love the blush, and all the shades are buttery, very pigmented and do not have fallouts. A total win!

Then on to the MAC products.
First, you see a Beautipowder. It is Summer Rose from their Liberty of London collection. I just got it because my Shell Pearl got stolen, and I wanted to own something with the same packaging. It is a nice blush colour, kind of has a lilac tone to it, while still being pink.

Next up is an MSF, By Candlelight. It is from the In the Groove collection. I really like this. It is a beige highlight colour, with a hint of pink. When I use this, I use a bit less of blush. It is not a blush colour for me, even though my skin is fair. However, it does add a bit of pink, so that is why I limit the blush used with this.

The blush you see is Springsheen. I love this one, been using it constantly since I got it! It has a beautiful golden sheen to it, really makes you glow. Buildable, too, so you can adjust the colour to what you want.

Finally, we have a concealer. It is a Select Moisturecover. I really like it. It covers my dark circles and doesn't crease a whole lot.

So that completes this part of my haul, I really hope you enjoyed it! Please leave any product reviews in the comments, I´d be happy to write some reviews of those!

Miss Diorista

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