Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eyeshadow primers - Comparison

Some days... or weeks (what do I know, time flies!) ago, Hebriden Sprite requested a review for the eyeshadow base by Manhattan, which I hauled in August (check the haul out here).
So I put on my thinking cap and decided that instead of a simple review, I'd do a comparison.

The shadows are a deep purple/plum/wine shimmer one by Dior, and a grey matte one from BB's Denim and Rose Palette.

The primers I compared are the following:

Bobbi Brown - Creamy Concealer (yes, a concealer, I know)
Manhattan - Eyeshadow Base (in nr. 1, only think there is one number, though...)
None, just e/s on skin.
Benefit - Stay don't stray! eyeshadow/concealer primer

Below, you can see those. They are in the same order as above, starting with BB to the left.

Strongest colour
As you can probably see, BB's creamy concealer is the winner when it comes to colour. I really don't like it as a concealer, but here, it works so well! Works wonders on those e/s you regret buying because they look pretty in the pan, but don't give any colour. However, the concealer doesn't stay on for long, so I would recommend using another primer underneath the concealer.

How long did it last?
If "lasting" is your key word when it comes to e/s, then Manhattan's eyeshadow base is your best bet, of those I tried. It really took some tough washing to get the shadow off there! BB's concealer and the e/s on just skin went off very quickly, and Benefit's Stay don't stray! was the runner up.

Best for shimmery e/s
Definetely the Manhattan one, since it has a bit of shimmer to it. It even made the completely matte grey one, shimmery! So take care not to use it when going for a matte look.

Best for matte e/s
Of those, I'd say Benefit's Stay don't Stray! but it really works well for both shimmery and mattes, so it is a very good one to have. Only thing I don't like about it is the pump. It always gives me too much! I do, however, love the skin tone of it. When used as a concealer primer for the under-eye area, then you actually need a bit less concealer because of it.

So, judging from this, for really deep and intense colour that lasts all night, you should prime with Manhattan's base, then sweep on a layer of BB's Creamy Concealer. I haven't tried that yet, but will be doing soon.

Here is a little summary of those:

If you want intense, deep colour, go for... BB's Creamy Concealer in you skin tone.
If you want long lasting colour, go for... Manhattan's Eyeshadow Base
If you want a matte to be shimmery, go for... Manhattan's Eyeshadow Base
If you want a matte to be matte, go for... Benefit's Stay don't Stray!
If you want one product which does it all pretty well, go for... Benefit's Stay don't Stray!

And finally, a few words on Manhattan's Eyeshadow Base, since that is what this review what supposed to be about!

It is a very nice base. I quite like it. It lasts long, gives rather strong colours. I like the packaging, too, which is a pot. The consistency is nice, very creamy, but never greasy. Only downside (also a plus, though, just depends on what you want) could be that it makes all colours appear to be shimmery. So when going for a matte look, it can't be used. Also, it smells a bit weird. However, that cannot be detected once on lids.
Overall, this is a rather good primer and I would definetely repurchase.

Finally, I know this is getting super-long, but can you see the difference when wearing shadow with primer and then without it? Wow!

Hope you enjoyed this!

P.S. What is your fave e/s primer? I know a lot of people like UDPP... haven't tried it, UD isn't sold here... but I'd love to know your faves!


  1. Maybe next time you could show us a few more pictures? Great post though, thanks!

  2. You're welcome :) Of course I could have posted more pictures, but I just thought this one really shows all that has to be seen? You can see the intesity of the colours and the shimmer of the Manhattan one... so I didn't see the need for any more pictures. Anything specific you would have wanted to see better?


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