Saturday, September 11, 2010

Haul from Germany (part 5) - Chanel, YSL, Maybelline, The Body Shop, Sisley

It is time for part 5 in this huge haul... and we still have a few parts left :)
This part will include products from Chanel, YSL, Maybelline, The Body Shop and Sisley. I had never heard of Sisley as a cosmetic brand before, and I only bought one product, but I really liked their makeup (I swatched a few things in the store). So check that out if you can, and enjoy this part of the haul!

1) First, you see a Chanel Joues Contraste. It is in shade 82, called Reflex. It has loads of shimmer and I really love it. However, I have to be careful with it, since it is very pigmented. It gives me a very "warm", meaning kind of tan, look, which is nice, when that is what I'm going for.

2) Below the blush, you see a YSL Rouge Volupté lippie! I had wanted one forever, and I love mine so much! It is extremely pigmented, mine is shade 29 called Opera Rose. It is a rather bright pink, no shimmer, but so beautiful. I love the packaging, too, and the little mirror on the end! (If you checked out Temptalia's review on this, then note that this colour is much, much brighter on me than her...)

3) Next you see an ExpertWear blush by Maybelline, in shade 58 called Brown. Yes, it might have slight brown tones to it, but mostly it is a golden tan colour for me. I don't find myself craving it very often, but it is nice to have. The brush is crap, by the way.
The lippie in the middle is a Maybelline ColorSensational, in 148 called Summer Rose. I love this one so much, it is HG for me! It is a bright pink with shimmer, and I wear it next to always!

4) The third blush is by The Body Shop, in the shade Vibrant Rose. I like the packaging a lot, you kind of stamp your blush on and then blend well. I actually have the other shade as well, called Golden Coral, and have to say that this one is much prettier. The lipstick to the right is a Delipscious by The Body Shop in Sheer Watermelon. I like it, but I have yet to get used to the shade!

5) The white eyeliner is by Sisley, the shade is Snow. It is a true white, with subtle shimmer (I actually just realized that it had shimmer a few days ago, when I had owned it for six weeks already!). The texture is very soft, and I like the fact that it has a smudger on the other side.

This is it for now, as you can see, we are now getting to the "fun" part!
If you want reviews for any of those products, please let me know in the comments!

Miss Diorista

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