Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just sit, watch and enjoy...!

The last few days I've been kind of observing other ladies' makeup, and getting some good ideas... Especially from those who younger people sometimes regard to as "uninteresting"... And I found that these ladies are everything but untinteresting, they've been giving me some great ideas!

For example, one lady was wearing blue eyeliner. Not a subtle, navy blue one, we're talking bright blue here! The rest of her MU was subtle, so the eyeliner really made her eyes pop and added such a fun twist on things!

Then again, some of them play it safe, with a beautiful grey eyeshadow look. It is nice for everyday, but of course, seeing some fun things is more... well, fun.

In that area, one lady really stood out of the crowd with a beautiful purple eyeshadow. It was subtle and looked natural with her warm complexion, but so pretty. It had a bit of shimmer and the colour was just so gorgeous...

Of course, when observing MU, you also see things which you don´t really like... if I should name two things, it would be overuse of white liner with the younger ladies, and lack of blush with the more mature ones. Just a bit of blush makes my day!

So thanks for all of the great ideas, ladies! I will keep observing... And please, the next time you go out, make an effort to look at other people's makeup. It is fun, and greatly inspiring!

Miss Diorista

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