Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to School - Cute School Supplies!

School is important - but there is no reason that "important" has to mean "boring"! I love cute school supplies, and I don't really buy anything for school unless I really like it. Just remember to look at your bright and preppy stuff when you're down about some tough math, and you'll be singing in the rain once again! Talking about preppy! This pencase is so cute! It has every bright colour I can imagine!
I use up pencils really fast (I write... a lot!), so buying cute pencils would be expensive since I would have to buy so many, lol. When I saw this amazingly cute troll pencil topper, I immediately thought that I wanted one! That way, my pencils would stay as cute as I am, all day long... :)

Staying organized is a big part of staying on top of things in school. But while staying organized, stay cute! This irresistable organizer is for 2011 to 2012.

Obviously, a back pack is a necessity for school. This polka dot one seems like a pretty good bet to me... Of course, if you carry very heavy books around (I feel your pain...) you might want thicker and bigger straps than this one has, and maybe you would also need a bigger one (I know I do!). But other than that, this back pack is right up my alley.

We are all pretty and perfect, but still, we all make occasional mistakes... very occasional... like once in a blue moon... And for those very occasional, once in a blue moon-mistakes, you will need an eraser. Pick a cute one! I love those Hello Kitty ones! Not going to promise that they erase perfectly (sadly, cute erasers are sometimes crap...), but they will look so cute in your preppy pencil case!
That completes it. I decided to only include items from, so that if you like anything, you can go there and find it. I do not profit in any way from the sales.
So do you like this kind of cute stuff? What is your "school supplies"-style? Tell me in the comments below!
Miss Diorista
P.S. An eye shadow look coming up, stay tuned!

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