Saturday, September 11, 2010

A fun, bright, purple eye!

I came up with this look a few days ago when my girlies and I were preparing for a "girl's night out". They really liked it and so did I, lol! It is even brighter in person than on the pictures, though you can of course control that a bit with the shadows you choose to use. This is an easy look to do, and does not take a whole lot of time.
The main trick is so fun... read on!

Products used:
Eyeshadow base
Blue eyeshadow (shimmery)
Dark blue eyeshadow (shimmery or matte)
Light purple eyeshadow (shimmery)
Pink eyeshadow (shimmery)
Glitter eyeliner (preferably purple)
Black eyeliner

A brush for packing colour (not necessary)
A fluffy, angled brush

(I don't mention any product names, since most of the makeup I used was not mine, so I don't remember which brand they were, sorry!)

1) Prime your lids. You don't have to go to all the way up to your brow, but do prime at the end of your eyebrow (see the pictures).

2) Now, take your tape and cut about 4 cm off. Lay it beside your eye, so that it goes from the outher corner of your eye, up to your brow (look at the picture, the wing is formed by the tape). Take your time when doing this, because this will completely alter your look.

3) Taking an eyeshadow brush (or your clean finger), pack on the (lighter) blue colour on your inner one third of your eyes. Try not to go above your crease.

4) Now, switch to a fluffy brush, preferably a slightly angled one (I would not use my finger for the rest of the look). Pick up the purple colour, and place on the outer two thirds of your eye. Don't spread it out, and don't go above your crease.

5) Using the same brush, pick up your pink colour, and, very carefully, start forming your wing. The tape takes care of the lower wingline, but you have to take care of the upper line yourself. Blend the pink colour slightly into your crease.

6) Again, with the same brush, pick up your purple colour and darken the wing a bit. When your wing is the way you want it to be, pick up a tiny bit of the darker blue colour, and carefully deepen the lower wingline (I hope you understand, if not, study the picture. You should be able to see that the wing is pink on the upper line, then it goes purple, and is a bit blue on the lower line).

7) Blend your eyeshadow. Take care not to blend up, and don't overblend.
8) Now you should have your shadow ready, so it is time for some lining! Use the glitter eyeliner on your upper lashline, but take real good care not to get any glitter in your eye! Then, use your regular eyeliner on your lower waterline. I chose to only go about half way in, so I wouldn't take the attention away from the shadows.
9) Curl your lashes, and apply mascara. You're done!
So, do you like it? Let me know, and please try it out if you have the chance!
Miss Diorista

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  1. Love the unique eye in this, a neat mix of purple and pink!


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