Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bronzing with The Body Shop

I've been searching for the perfect bronzer for about a year now, and during summer, my quest for the perfect colour, the perfect texture and so on, has had no end!

As a part of this quest of mine, I recently visited The Body Shop, which has launched a whole new collection of bronzy products. Two things particularly caught my attention - the fact that they have a liquid bronzer (those things aren't lying around these days...) and how fair and almost grey-looking their powder bronzers were. As a result, I bought the liquid bronzer, called Honey Bronze (they only have one shade) and Bronzing Powder in No. 02, Fair Matte.

I love how soft and smooth the powder is. It's definitely buildable, but you can also wear it really lightly.

L-R: Sheered out liquid bronzer, heavily swatched liquid bronzer, bronzing powder in No. 02. The liquid bronzer is light, but buildable like the powder, and extremely natural looking.

 Here you can see how fair the bronzing powder is. On the left is Benefit's Hoola, which seems really dark and muddy compared to The Body Shop's bronzing powder.

L-R: Hoola, Bronzing Powder in No. 02. You can barely see the latter compared to Hoola!

I'm extremely happy with those two products, especially the liquid bronzer, which looks so natural and glowy (it has small sparkles in it - nothing too obvious but it really makes you glow!).

Miss Diorista

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