Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Gratitude - The Sunset, the Moon and Red Polish...

  • Thank you for the sunset I saw last Thursday. I was picking my aunt up from the airport, and saw it when I was on my way. So pretty, to see the moon rising and the sun setting at the same moment. I love this time of year!
  • Thank you to the lady who did my pedicure a few days ago :) She was really great, and my feet feel amazing...
  • and look amazing, so thank you for red nail polish :)
  • Thank you to my friend for meeting up the other day - so much fun!
  • Thank you for the fresh cherries I located on Saturday - the shop has them flown in from New York almost every day, so they're very fresh and so yummy!
  • And on a similar note, thank you to my friend who told me where you can buy fresh, organic vegetables straight from the farmer - not only cheaper than the store-bought ones, but also better tasting and healthier!
  • Finally, thank you to God for giving water to the thirsty - sometimes, coffee just doesn't do it :)
Miss Diorista

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