Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekly Gratitude - Swimming and Nice Songs

  • Thank you for the great weather today! We had amazing sun last week, but the weekend was rainy. However, the sun is back now!
  • Thank you for a fun trip to the swimming pool last night - I swam for almost an hour, and it was so lovely. Just me, the water and the evening sky.
  • Thank you for healthy veggies and fruits being in season!
  • Thank you to my furry friend, for waking me up so sweetly this morning :)
  • Thank you to the radio, for playing nice songs today. At work, we often have the radio on, and it's so boring when they just play the same songs over and over the whole day.
  • Thank you to the flies of Iceland, for politely flying where I'm not walking/biking... This might seem like a funny one, but flies are really not my thing!
  • Thank you to God, for letting me know that my loved ones are safe and enjoying summer!

Miss Diorista


  1. @Harija - Thanks! I always mean to write it on Fridays, but then I forget that it's Friday when it is! Summertime!


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