Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly Gratitude - Old Pictures, New Followers and Nice Neighbours

  • Thank you to my uncle's dogs - for giving us the opportunity to hug and kiss them, they're so cute!
  • Thank you to my mom for finding old pictures that I loved looking at.
  • Thank you to my aunt for giving me the most amazing leather purse. Oh my, it's beautiful. I'll maybe blog about it soon!
  • Thank you to my new followers, for liking what they see :) Welcome!
  • Thank you to my neighbour, for cleaning the whole street! We are all so grateful, and our street is so clean.
  • Thank you for today being Saturday - it means cozy night tonight :)
  • Thank you to God, for being with the grieving nation and families of Norway. Please pray for the people who lost their loved ones yesterday in this terrible tragedy.
Miss Diorista

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