Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Gratitude - Autumn, My Aunt and Ice Cream!

  • Thank you for autumn coming upon us so gracefully - I almost don't want to say it, but I feel happy about summer coming to an end and fall taking over... I can't wait for rich, deep hues on lips and nails, the autumn leaves and school... there is something so oddly charming about school starting again.
  • Thank you to my aunt for stopping by this evening - she made my day!
  • Thank you for ice cream... the perfect food for extending summer into fall.
  • Thank you for Barnaby - ever watched those movies? I don't know if they're aired in the US, but it's a British series of movies about the police man Barnaby, who lives and works in a small town in the countryside. Lovely!
  • Thank you to my new followers - I hope you like what you signed up for ;)
  • Thank you to my mom and niece - the three of us went for a long ride on our bikes today. The weather was as nice as the company, and the tour was lovely.
  • Thank you to God, for letting us know that our loved ones are doing what fills their life with purpose and happiness - it's an unexplainable feeling, knowing that they're doing fine, that they're happy, that their life is the best it can be.
Miss Diorista

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