Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weekly Gratitude - Edinburgh

I just came back from Edinburgh, Scotland, and oh my. What a city! It's my third time there, but somehow, this time was different. I've loved the city since I first came there, but this time, it was like coming home. And leaving for the flight was like leaving home... strange :) I'll do a second post on it as I always do when I get back from travelling, with pictures and descriptions, and of course you will also be seeing a "haul from Edinburgh" in a few parts. But let's get into weekly gratitude! Oh, and on another note - I hope you liked the posts I posted the past week - I was trying the "scheduled" post system. I quite like it!

  • Thank you to my mom, for being the best travel-companion in history!
  • Thank you to Angela and her family, for running the best B&B I've been to... I think that was a big part of why we felt so at home in Scotland this time.
  • Thank you to Scotland and Edinburgh, for welcoming us with great weather and great people - there was only one rainy day, which is quite special when it comes to Scotland!
  • Thank you to Kári for taking care of my kitty while I was away...
  • ...and thank you to her for being patient while mommy was away - I'm so glad I'm back with her :)
  • Thank you to God for returning me home, safely...
  • ...and for letting me know that my loved ones are safe and happy, and making the people they love happy - it means everything to me.

Miss Diorista

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